If you needed any further proof that the vegan lifestyle is here to stay, listen up: Taiwan has just opened its first-ever all vegan supermarket! The store, located in Taipei, Taiwan, is called iVegan.

As reported via Care 2, “the supermarket is complete with ‘fresh fruit and veggies, packaged goods, frozen foods, fresh baking, cleaning and body care products and even housewares. iVegan comes complete with an organic section and a small selection of dairy alternatives. And it’s all 100% free from animal ingredients!'”


iVegan also features a vegan bar and restaurant, and an activist space called “About Animals.” “About Animals is clearly run by animal rights activists, and according to its Happycow listing it also serves as a space for activist photography and events. It is probably the place to go to meet animal rights activists in Taipei,” reports Vegan Taiwan.

iVegan opened its doors last year in the basement of a primarily residential area. Since its opening, the store reports it had been quite busy and has made life easier for vegan shoppers, which is great news! “Even in my short and rather limited shopping spree, it was most enjoyable, if a little strange (almost unnerving) to not need to check the ingredients of anything. It just didn’t feel right to not have to check the curry paste for shrimp!” writes Vegan Taiwan.

This store is just more proof that the vegan movement is expanding globally.  What’s more is that this store is bucking the cultural trend in a good way; Taiwan has been reported to be the most meat-heavy area in East Asia, with an average Taiwanese consumer eating 77.1 kilos of meat per year. iVegan is providing the Taiwanese with a wonderful healthy alternative to the culture’s meat-heavy tendencies, and it’s a great trend we’d love to see expand even more!

Image Source: Vegan Taiwan /Blogspot