As the temperatures drop across much of the country, many animals fall victim to dangers such as frostbite, hypothermia, and as this video shows … being stranded on ice. Luckily, Carolina Waterfowl Rescue is looking out for our feathered friends, already having rescued several birds from the ice.

This swan had been stranded for two days in the same spot unable to move. Though he eventually was able to free himself, he hurt his leg in the process and could no longer walk as a result. When animals struggle in this manner, they often end up with broken or dislocated legs or feet. Exhaustion and extreme stress also come into play during these situations. Thankfully this sweet swan was rescued, examined, and moved to safety.


The Carolina Waterfowl Rescue is an all-volunteer organization providing rescue, sanctuary, and rehabilitation of North Carolinas wild and orphaned birds. The group also extends their time, money, and resources to help other animals as well, such as farm animals and exotics. They are committed to educating the public about the needs of waterfowl and how to live peaceably with the world’s wildlife.

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