camel milk ice cream vegan

File this under the “can humans get any stupider?” category. According to an article in the The Daily Mail, ice cream made from camel’s milk will be available in the United Kingdom very soon. Camel milk is apparently popular in the Middle East and has been heralded as a healthy treat, low in fat and containing ten times more iron that cow’s milk. In addition, it’s supposedly five times higher in vitamin C that cow’s milk and is low in fat and cholesterol.

The ice cream is manufactured by the British company Ginger’s Comfort Emporium (what kind of name is that for an ice cream company?) and they will unveil the camel ice cream at the “Experimental Food Society Spectacular” show in the U.K. next month. According to the organizer of the show, ‘You can see from how “superfoods” have taken off in Britain that many people want to buy products that are unusual and have been shown to be very good for the body.’


As if that wasn’t ridiculous enough, this article in The Stir arrives at the amazing conclusion that since the ice cream costs around $6.30 PER SCOOP, it is obviously high-end and therefore has to be good!? The author seems to think this is a product she could see selling out of Whole Foods in the U.S. in no time at all.  With that genius logic, we could bottle tap water and put a high price tag on it and people would think it’s obviously good and it would sell out at Whole Foods. (DOH…a bunch of people already did that!).

Dear fellow stupid humans…want an ice cream that’s healthier and a lactose-friendly alternative to regular ice cream? Try VEGAN ICE CREAM made with PLANT-BASED MILKS! Moreover, it’s high time a trend that does not involve stealing milk from another species catches on!

What do you think?

Camel Image Source: ANGELOUX (via Flickr)