Dogs are truly man’s best friend. Some just seem to have a connection to individuals that go beyond our understanding but certainly warms our hearts. It’s especially a sight to be seen when it’s the dog that rescues a guardian in need.

A recent video has surfaced out of Ukraine where an unlikely musical duet emerged right on the sidewalk. Astonishing enough, the duet featured a musician and a stray dog he had never met before. The musical talent of the stray dog is amazing in of it self but the comfortable connection seen between the man and dog hints at something deeper.


According to Mother Nature News, Sergei Ivanovich was performing on a sidewalk in Ukraine when he was joined by a four legged guest. His mysterious new friend soon became his unexpected partner in a beautiful duet. As the dog howled along with Sergei’s music, the crowd got quite a thrill.

After receiving generous tips for the unique musical performance, Sergei was persuaded to take the stray home with him. It’s not everyday that guardian and dog make a perfect match, but then again, it’s not every day that such a random connection is made either. Even though this dog was a stray, perhaps he may just be the one rescuing his human.