There is an enormous population of homeless dogs in the United States. While some of these pups were born as strays, others end up on the street after their guardians abandoned them, but they all share the need for a living home and proper care.

To help the stray dog population in the fifth ward of Houston, Texas World Animal Awareness Society has teamed up with for Operation Houston #StrayDogCity. 600MillionDogs is an organization that was started by PETA’s co-founder, Alex Pacheco, that is working to develop a birth control cookie to help control stray dog populations. Working in tandem with the World Animal Awareness Society stray dog rescue team, Pacheco took to the streets of Houston, Texas, to raise awareness for the influx of homeless animals in the area and lend a hand in the rescue process.


Along their scheduled feeding route, the World Animal Awareness Society team came across a group of stray dogs that included one especially small and scared pup. When Pacheco met this particular dog, he knew that he had to rescue him. Naming the dog, “Mr. Cookie,” in honor of 600MillionDogs’ birth control cookie, Pacheco decided to take him in and help to find him a forever home.

Mr. Cookie is now well on his way to a better life and will never have to struggle on the streets again. Hopefully, with the help of 600MillionDogs’ birth control cookie, countless other dogs will also be saved from life on the streets in the near future!

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