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Denmark is typically known as being one of the happiest countries on earth, but there is a dark side to the nation that few are aware of: their direct involvement in the slaughter of whales in the Faroe Islands.

According to a petition on Care2 written by Sea Shepherd, hundreds of pilot whales and other cetaceans off the coasts of the Faroe Islands are mercilessly slaughtered in the name of a barbaric tradition called “grindadráps”.  The Faroese people reportedly have a high standard of living, and despite receiving support from the EU and many of the people having EU passports that give them the benefits of being a EU citizen, they claim to be exempt from EU law that forbids the intentional killing of whales.

However, the Faroese do not do this all on their own. The petition states that Danish police, navy, and customs officials have protected these whale hunters and facilitated these global crimes, making them just as guilty with the same blood on their hands as the hunters. As a member of the European Union, Denmark must abide by all of its governing laws, including the EU Habitats Directive that forbids “all forms of deliberate disturbance, capture, or killing of cetaceans.”

Sea Shepherd is requesting your help to put an end to this senseless slaughter and hold accountable all who are involved in the practice. Please take a moment to sign this petition addressed to the European Commission and Commissioner Karmenu Vella demanding that EU law is honored and Denmark is held accountable for their repeated blatant violations of the EU Habitats Directive. Most people are unaware of this massive slaughter of innocent cetaceans, so please share this with friends and family and encourage them to join you in signing the petition and saving the world’s whales.

Buzz Petition

Image Source: Sea Shepherd

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10 Months Ago

Just to clearify a few things. And this is purely political.

The Faroe Islands are not a part of EU be cause they choose not to be. The Bern convention (which is basically a EU non-whaling contract) directly excludes the Faroe Islands and Greenland, both members of the Danish Kingdom. The Faroese people hold Nordic Union Passports, NOT EU PASSPORT. Google is your friend. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nordic_Passport_Union

Denmarks involvement incluides the police and navy. Their job is to uphold the law in the Faroe Islands. The laws in the Faroe Islands are seperate from the Danish, be cause the Faroe Islands has it\'s own government within the Kingdom of Denmark. Similar to England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales which all have seperate governments within the United Kingdom (Great Britain).
Basically, if you go to another country than your own, that countries set of laws apply to you, regardless of your own nationality. Faroese soil, Faroese laws. French soil, French laws. Etc.

The laws in the Faroe Islands clearly states that whaling is fully legal, as long as the hunters are certified, the tools used are approved, the hunt takes place at an approved bay (shallow, sandy beaches etc.) and the specific whale population is not endangered. NAMMCO has confirmed pilot whales are not endangered, latest numbers are from 2016. Google is still your friend. http://nammco.wpengine.com/topics/long-finned-pilot-whale/

Faroe Islands is recieving support from EU. I have never seen any indication of this other than "I read it in the comments on the internet". Please send me information on this.

11 Months Ago


Jeff Biss
11 Months Ago

The Danes that participate in this holocaust need to be eliminated, they have no rights due to their abject brutality. Good Danes need to stand up against this human garbage and end this holocaust.


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