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If you weren’t aware, we are currently living in Pioneer times … or at least that is what the operators of Pioneer Days in Ridgeland, Wisconsin think. Each year the county holds the Pioneer Days festival to remember the settlers that came there. While some of the festival is fun and education, there are some parts that are downright cruel and unnecessary … which is why a Care 2 Petition has been set up.

One of said events includes the “chicken toss,” where chickens are literally tossed from a roof to a packed crowd below for people to catch and keep as pets. Can you imagine the terror they must feel, not to mention what happens to them after they are taken to their new “homes”?


The other event is the “greased pig chase,” in which pigs are greased, chased, and captured by screaming children. As you can guess, both of these events are extremely stressful for the animals involved and should have been replaced with non-animal events a long time ago.

Despite the outcry from animal lovers and animal welfare groups across the country, the tradition continues and is set to take place this year on February 17, 2018. Sign the petition today to halt these despicable forms of entertainment as there is no reason that this is still taking place in 2018.

The matter was investigated by the county’s District Attorney … and somehow it was ruled that these events are not harmful to animals. What the DA doesn’t understand is the mental and emotional state of these animals. Chickens, pigs, and farm animals, in general, are not very different from your domestic animals at home. They too have their own preferences, dislikes, and personalities, and if given the chance, they can be just as loyal, fun, and affectionate. When we begin to think of farm animals as more than just a commodity only then can we begin to truly make a real difference for these sentient beings.

Sign the petition and let the authorities, the people of Ridgeland, and the Drunkin’ Monkey Bar and Grill, which is hosting the event, know that the torture of innocent animals is not entertainment and is not setting an example for future generations.

Buzz Petition

Image Source: Pixabay