This inspiring short film, Still Falling, takes you on a journey with Miranda Gibson, a savor of the forests and trees. In December 2011, Miranda climbed a tree in a forest in Tasmania and stayed up there for 449 days without putting her feet on the ground. Why? Her passion of and devotion to the forest. In her over one year stand up in the tree, she got to see all four seasons come and go. She says it was beautiful.

Miranda and thousands of other activists like her around the world may decide to create forest blockades using their own bodies as shields and walls, to protect the forests from logging machines trying to enter. In the case of a forest in Tasmania, she and others took direct action to make a difference in the world, fighting for World Heritage protection for this specific forest area and more.


Her message is about how important it is for us to fight for these trees, that everyone around the globe must take a stand together to defend the remaining forests in the world — it’s a fight for the survival of forests for future generations.

Deforestation is a very real threat affecting not only the trees, but is also the cause of the displacement of native animal communities residing in forests slated for logging.

This area of forest in Tasmania was promised protection by the State and Federal governments. However, the Australian Government has applied to the World Heritage Committee to remove 74,000 hectares. That’s nearly 286 square miles of forests from the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area in order to allow logging. The World Heritage Committee will consider the government’s proposal in June 2014.

Watch this video, then take action today and join Miranda’s fight by signing a letter to the chairperson of the World Heritage Committee to speak up for Tasmania’s forests!

Image source: Paul Friel/Flickr