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Contrary to what deniers may think, climate change is no longer something to be debated. We’ve recently seen the impact of climate change through the devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey and Irma, and we’re witnessing its effects all over the planet in the form of sea level rise, periods of extreme drought, and species extinction. We know full well that if we don’t act to mitigate the acceleration of climate change, we will be faced with a global temperature rise of 2 degree Celsius (35 degrees Fahrenheit) that will have catastrophic and irreversible consequences for human life. Yet, for some reason, based in absolutely zero science, there are still people – most scarily, people in power – who believe climate change is not caused by humans (oh and BTW, papers from the 3 percent of scientists who found climate change wasn’t caused by human actions have been debunked as flawed).

Singer and songwriter, Stevie Wonder, knows how time sensitive the issue is and recently, at the “Hand in Hand” telethon to benefit the victims of Hurricane Harvey and Irma, Wonder had a few choice words for people who still don’t believe climate change is happening.

“Anyone who believes there’s no such thing as global warming must be blind or unintelligent,” Wonder boldly said at the telethon. But he also offered a message of unity, “When love goes into action, it preferences no color of skin, no ethnicity, no religious beliefs, no sexual preferences and no political persuasions. It just loves.”

Wonder isn’t all talk, either. The legend is a vegan, understanding the direct connection to what’s on your plate and climate change. In fact, livestock production is one of the single largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. And industrial animal agriculture does a lot more than over heat the planet, it’s a major cause of deforestation as well as rampant air and water pollution that contribute to public health concerns.

When it comes to climate change, and perpetuating the idea that climate change “is not real” or is “not caused by human activity,” it’s not only wildly dangerous (considering many scientists believe we’ve already reached a “point of no return” on climate) but also HIGHLY irresponsible. Whole countries of people are being displaced by rising sea levels, the future of food security is hanging in the balance. Opinions are not facts. Science and its inevitable consequences are not the same as liking coffee over tea. We applaud Stevie for taking a stand and hope many more will join him. After all, the planet will be fine, it’s humans who have to be concerned.

To learn more about how YOU can help heal the damage being done to the planet and slow the progress of climate change, join One Green Planet’s #EatForThePlanet movement.

Image source: Thomas Hawk/Flickr

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4 comments on “Just When We Thought We Couldn’t Love Stevie Wonder Any More – He Shut Down Climate Deniers in One Sentence”

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11 Days ago

Just what we need , another musician giving advice an a subject he barely knows. Go back to music Stevie.

Mike P
12 Days ago

Calling folks stupid is a great way to turn folks off. Sat waiting for the show to get started and was instantly turned off by the insults. We may disagree with each other but these disasters know no bounds, color, creed, orientation.

12 Days ago

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12 Days ago

Good for Stevie! But another crucial way to curb climate change is to have fewer children. Stevie\'s got eight.

Jeff Biss
12 Days ago

Thank you Stevie!


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