It was a love connection for Steve-O and his new dog Wendy. The star of the upcoming show Ultimate Expedition, recently went to Peru to film the show and learn to mountain climb. First things first, however, they needed a street dog to come along for the fun.

In the video posted on Steve-O’s facebook page, he set out to find the right dog. Offering dog food to the strays seemed like a logical method but most of them didn’t trust this strange new face. It was Wendy who proved to be his match made in heaven!


Wendy has been keeping her new friends company on their mountain climbing adventures and according to Steve-O, already has a plane ticket back with him to Los Angeles. This beautiful girl’s life changed for the better in a matter of minutes!

It’s so wonderful to see a celebrity like Steve-O raise awareness for the plight of homeless animals. In the U.S. alone there are 70 million dogs and cats living on the streets and only a small fraction will ever find a forever home. Remember, if you are considering adding a four-legged friend to your family, always adopt and never shop!