Dimitri Diatchenko has surpassed the scripted actions of the “bad guys” he often portrays on screen in his personal life  … and in the most disturbing way possible. Like something straight out of a mafia film, Diatchenko took his anger with his ex-girlfriend out on her pet bunny. This story makes us wish that the butt-kicking Diatchenko received from Chuck Norris in Walker Texas Ranger would happen again … and again.

Diatchenko is facing felony counts of animal cruelty and making threats after he allegedly killed his ex-girlfriend’s pet bunny. He not only killed the poor animal, but documented the whole thing. This documentation included the part where he skinned, cooked and ate her beloved bunny. He then proceeded to send her the images and threaten her with the same fate. It sounds like Diatchenko has been in show biz too long, as the crime mimicked a famous scene from the film Fatal Attraction, where Glenn Close’s character boils her lover’s daughter’s pet rabbit.


The actor has starred in numerous small roles including parts on Sons of Anarchy, 2 Broke Girls, How I Met Your Mother and Bones. Diatchenko and his ex-girlfriend broke up several months ago, but were still living together. His inconceivable amount of anger was sparked when his ex asked him to move out; a bit of an overreaction on his part.

The actor frequently posted pics on Facebook of bunny, Miss Ella. It is still unclear if Miss Ella was the victim of this appalling crime. Diatchenko’s arraignment is scheduled for Dec. 30 and bail is to be set at $90,000. We can only hope he gets the maximum sentence for his terrible actions.

Image Source: Matt Sayles/InvisionAP