Here is a story from The Arrow Fund that will make you despair at the cruelty of people. This poor little pup was thrown into a creek with a broken tail, which has led the rescue team to suspect he was tossed in by his tail! He is in chronic pain, unable to stand, and covered in maggot eggs, which points to ongoing neglect. This video was made by a good Samaritan at the scene who called it in so that this desperate pup could get the medical attention he needs.

This puppy is currently with an emergency vet in Louisville, Kentucky so he can be checked over and cared for. The Arrow Fund is calling for urgent donations to help with the cost of his medical care and the rehabilitation he will need after. We send you our love, little man! We hope you are better soon.


To physically take a poor, defenseless pup like this and toss them into a creek, essentially leaving him to drown, is inexcusable. We cannot understand the mindset of the person who did this or even begin to imagine why they would think this kind of behavior is okay. This is why it is so essential to report suspected animal neglect and abuse to prevent incidents like this one from happening again.

If you are able to donate to help The Arrow Fund with this poor little puppy’s medical treatment or want to find out more about their vital work to help animals in need, please visit The Arrow Fund’s Facebook Page.