Rescue Dogs Rock is asking for urgent help to save the life of a beautiful little girl who is in desperate need of surgery.

The rescue stepped in when the shelter, where Maggie had originally turned up, reported that she was in agony and couldn’t lift her head unaided. They arranged for her to be taken to an emergency vet for a check-up, her head so swollen by this point that it was obvious she had been hit around the head with something like a baseball bat!


Four-month-old Maggie is currently on pain medication. She has a broken mandible and it is likely that she has a skull fracture. Maggie will need to be moved on to another vet for her life-saving surgery. 

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This poor little girl has had the worst of starts in life. Look at her little face. Who could look at a dog and think the best thing to do with them is to hit them with a baseball bat?

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Maggie is in agony, and her rehabilitation, once she has had her surgery, is going to take a lot of time and trust. 

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Despite her ordeal, Maggie is wagging her tail, greeting her carers, and trying to move around. We hope whoever is responsible for doing this is caught and punished, but right now what we have to focus on is raising money for her medical treatment. Keep fighting Maggie, we promise there is a loving forever home waiting for you!


No puppy deserves this start in life. No animal deserves to receive violence from people who think they are only here for sport. We are supposed to be a nation of animal lovers, and yet we keep hearing these abuse stories time and time again. We have to keep fighting for dogs like Maggie because they don’t have a voice without us. We have to be loud because these dogs deserve to be heard!

Rescue Dogs Rock fights hard to save dogs like Maggie, relying on kind volunteers and generous donations to keep going. If you are interested in following Maggie’s story, are in a position to donate towards her care, or would just like to know more about the work of Rescue Dogs Rock, please visit their Facebook page.


image Source: Rescue Dogs Rock