After years of holding the dairy industry in high regards for their “wholesome” products like milk and yogurt, consumers are starting to see the many flaws in these items and are gravitating towards dairy-free alternatives. The result? The dairy-free market is booming! Brands with dairy-free products are getting major investments, dairy-free cheeses, milks, and ice creams are infiltrating grocery stores, and now these alternatives are even getting incorporated into restaurant menus.

Fro-yo company, 16 Handles, for instance, differentiates itself from the many other fro-yo companies by consistently providing flavors that will appeal to customers who are vegan, lactose-intolerant, or simply anyone looking for a tasty, cool soft-serve option this summer. The popular chain has already made a point of including plenty of dairy-free options in the past and is now expanding their collection even more with three new collaborations: an Iced Tea Sorbet with AriZona Beverages, a Passion Fruit Orange Guava Sorbet with Dannon, and a Pink Grapefruit Sorbet with Skinnygirl.


CEO Solomon Choi says, “We recognized that there is a growing trend in food for dairy-free alternatives as well as vegan options. 16 Handles is always looking to recognize and respond to evolving dietary needs.”

He’s definitely right about that one! The dairy-free industry is expanding rapidly. Fueled by changing consumer perception of dairy’s nutritional value for bone development and concerns around hormones and antibiotics, there has been a major shift towards products that are dairy-free. In fact, the dairy-free dessert market is currently worth over $200 million!

Dairy-free alternatives are no longer solely found on the shelves of specialty food markets. Not at all. We’re seeing major brands like Ben & Jerry’s hop on the bandwagon and have witnessed the infiltration of dairy-free items in major chains like Walmart and Target. Is it surprising? Not really. Why wouldn’t people want a healthier choice to ice cream? Especially one that tastes as good as traditional ice cream, if not better. Essentially people are finally getting the chance to have their cake … err frozen yogurt … and eat it too. Sounds like a win-win to us!

Image Source: 16 Handles