Bach the sweet little kitty was found abandoned when he was only a few weeks old. Without a mother to care for him, he was in terrible shape. Luckily, some kind humans found him and brought him into an animal rescue. There, he was nursed back to health and given a second chance at life. In no time at all, this handsome little fella found himself in a new, warm home – although he wasn’t so keen on it at first.

Poor little Bach was still taking medicine when he first arrived at his new hooman’s home – and it seemed like he wasn’t feeling well. 

bach kitty 5

Often when animals are sick, they will hide until they are feeling better. Poor Bach spent 12 days holed up on his scratching post.

One day, Bach’s family came home and found him snuggled on the couch – that’s when everything started to change.

bach kitty 8

Soon, he began to put on weight and get a bit frisky, all signs that this sweet little kitty was beginning to feel better.

bach kitty 6

Within a few months, he had grown into a handsome fellow, with little remaining of the sick, scared kitten that he used to be.

bach kitty 10

With good health and a family who loves him, it is safe to say that Bach can look forward to a pretty sweet life from here on.

bach kitty 9

This heartwarming story is only one example of how love can save lives. If you would like to open your home to a sweet kitty in need, pay a visit to your local animal shelter. Your new BFF might be waiting!

All image source: j0lle/Imgur