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The world has been mourning the loss of Sudan, the last male Northern White Rhino, begging the question if there is hope for the remaining two female Northern White Rhinos and the revival of the subspecies.

Scientists have been working on experimental methods to replenish the subspecies through IVF methods by harvesting sex cells from living Northern White Rhinos and impregnating Southern White Rhino surrogates (the remaining Northern White Rhinos have reproductive difficulties.) This technology has yet to be perfected, and some conservationists, like those at Save the Rhino, although hopeful, fear the remaining Northern White Rhinos will die before the efforts are successful.


“There’s no guarantee that [IVF] will work,” Philip Muruthi, vice president of species protection at the African Wildlife Foundation, told National Geographic. He added, “This is a bitter lesson of species conservation.”

Although this attempt to revive the species is pricey (estimated to cost more than $9 million) with no guarantees, if successful, the results will far outweigh the costs.

The Western Black Rhino has already been declared extinct, and the Northern White Rhino is inches away from the same fate. Please take a moment to sign this petition on Care2, written for the public to voice their support for the protection of the Northern White Rhino.

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Image Source: Wikimedia Commons