When it comes to the animal agriculture industry, an animal is unfortunately viewed as “something,” rather than “someone.” Sadly, animals are often subject to cruel and inhumane conditions for their entire lives, never getting the chance to experience life as nature intended. For sheep, they are most often viewed as just food or simply treated as wool-producing machines. However, there are some amazing people in the world who are making lives for these animals much brighter.

The kind people at Edgar’s Mission farm sanctuary in Australia, are an amazing example of this. When the rescue team came across a sheep that was inches away from death, they jumped into action to help.


The poor sheep looked like she was just inches away from letting go.

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According to a Facebook post by the organization, the sheep, now named Posy, came into their care just days ago and the rescue team has been working tirelessly to save her.

“We too found that hard to believe when we first saw this sweet young ewe,” Edgar’s Mission said of her condition.  “How anyone could allow this happen to an animal is beyond our belief.”

Sheep on Brink of Death Saved Thanks to Rescuers Who Found Her Just in Time



Despite her many troubles, Posy is on her way to recovery now that she is in the hands of this top-notch rescue team. Edgar’s Mission is sadly no stranger to caring for neglected and abused sheep, especially around lambing season. Luckily for Posy, she is on her way to joining a herd of lovable sheep, who have all set the example that with a little love and determination, anything is possible!


Edgar’s Mission says that Posy is one determined girl and we’re all rooting for her. To help Edgar’s Mission care for Posy and all of the amazing animals they have rescued, check out the organization’s website and make a donation.

 All image source: Edgar’s Mission/Facebook