Treasure is one of the many senior dogs who, unfortunately, find themselves abandoned once they are no longer the young and healthy animals they used to be. Instead of being cared for and appreciated in their old age, senior animals are often replaced by “younger” puppies and left to fend for themselves in their most dire time of need.

Fortunately for Treasure, her story took a turn when she was taken in by The Arrow Fund team.


Treasure was found tied to a fence in the back lot of J.B. Ogle Animal Control in Jeffersonville, Indiana – all alone, curled up in a cardboard box, and visibly in need of help. She was in a condition so bleak that the rescuers were told that most likely she would not make it to the morning


Fortunately, she was spotted by an animal control officer who went on to alert the rescue. She needed an immediate blood transfusion, was emaciated, had advanced demodectic mange, bacterial and yeast infections, and was heartworm positive. For an older dog like Treasure, this was really a lot to deal with …

Nevertheless, thanks to the rescue’s Hospice Program, Treasure started to receive the best medical care – and she slowly made progress. After weeks at the 24 Emergency Hospital, she was finally allowed to move to a real home.

After she was transferred to her foster home, everything started to change for Treasure. She now spends every day with her foster parents, Jane and Dave, and her foster brother, Garth, who is an “Arrow Fund Alumni” himself.

At her foster home, she finally had the chance to learn what it means to be comfortable and safe – and get all the affection and attention she wants!

As her rescuers write, Treasure loves to dress up, stay in her pajamas on cold days, and snuggle up with Garth. She also really enjoys car rides with her new family and, of course, charming people into giving her treats.


Thanks to her rescuers and the wonderful foster family she found, Treasure’s life changed completely and she is now finally the happy and cared for dog she should have always been. Now, she enjoys every moment in her new home where she, as her rescuers write, can “most likely feel wanted and loved for the 1st time in her life.”

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All image source: The Arrow Fund/Facebook