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It’s always nice when a dog comes into a shelter or rescue with a microchip. It makes it so much easier to find their caretaker and get the pet back home, safe and sound. For this old pup, however, when the guardian was contacted about the lost dog, the response Josephs Legacy received, was completely not expected.

The text sent back from the owner stated, “Sorry, I gave her away to my niece because she wouldn’t stop shitting all over the place. I do not want anything to do with her, so I’m not going to waste my time on that nonsense. Do not text my number again. Thanks.”



This 10-year old girl obviously was not loved, nor respected. When she arrived at Josephs Legacy she was in poor shape with nearly five-inch nails. Luckily, the folks at Josephs Legacy will be caring for her until she finds a loving home to live out her remaining years.

Please remember that adding a pet to your family is a lifelong commitment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Make sure every member of the family understands that a pet should be cared for in sickness and health, in good times and bad – just like you would any other family member. Also, be sure to look into temperament and activity levels and ask in depth questions about any pet you are considering, just to be sure you make the right match for your family and lifestyle. Additionally, having a pet can be expensive. From healthy pet food, vet bills, beds, toys, grooming, and more, be sure that you can financially handle caring for a pet now and in the future.

Each year millions of dogs and cats are killed because shelters are too full. For every pet that is abandoned at a shelter, it is a death sentence for another. Most people that drop off pets don’t realize this reality because it is the shelter workers that have to make these heartbreaking decisions. It is simply not fair to the pet, the shelter workers, and the other pets that have been waiting to find a forever home – that may no longer have that opportunity. A pet can offer so much-unconditional love, a walking partner, a greeter, a therapist, a cuddler, a BFF (the list goes on!) and all they want in return is a loving forever home. Is that too much to ask?

Josephs Legacy is a non-profit rescue based out of Ohio that teams with other rescues and shelters nationwide to save as many lives as possible. They strive to regain hope and respect for all living animals by educating the public about the realities of animal welfare and lack of awareness.

To learn more about Josephs Legacy and the awesome work they provide for animals in need click here.

All Image Source: Josephs Legacy/ Facebook

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7 comments on “Senior Dog With a Microchip Found on the Streets, But Her Family’s Response Was Heartbreaking”

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Irish Cornaire
2 Months Ago

I would like to have just 5 minutes alone with the former owner.

Non loser
3 Months Ago

You get a pet, you are supposed to take care of the pet. If the pet suddenly starts pooping and/or peeing in the house, there may be something wrong with them. That dog could have digestive issues, dementia, an infection, mental problems (like anxiety), brain cancer, colorectal cancer, stroke, an injury of some sort, arthritis (which may affect the ability to walk to a more appropriate potty space), eye problems, or a host of other issues! So whatever loser ditched her because of a symptom of an obvious health/safety issue needs to go think about their actions.

Lisa D Perry
11 Months Ago

So if a child or older person who lived with you did this you get rid of them to . i think your a low life and if i knew you i would post this all over stores the town you live in . that dog is lot better off with out you . what kind of cold hearten person are you to me your seem lazy do not want clean up after no one or animal . people like you make me sick . you member that if you go in a nursing home . cant do for your self i wished i worked there to i make sure i walk right by your room every day not stop . karma comes back to you and i hope it bites you .

Carmen O
13 Aug 2017

You could get a job in a nursing home, they are always looking. That is if you are actually serious and not just saying what you think you should say.

Carmen O
13 Aug 2017

I feel bad for the poor dog losing two homes. Most people are not even aware that some dog breeds live a lot longer that others and most people have zero idea that cats can live twice as long as dogs. I adopted mine in early 1999 and he was around 1 1/2 years old according to the Humane Society. I joke with my kids that he has been with me longer than either of them, because they went off to college at 18.

11 Months Ago


Mauryne Simoens
11 Months Ago

This person should not be allowed to own another animal. I hope that they become unable to contain their body functions and someone sees they get "duped on the street" like this poor dog.l What would you do if your non-fur babies had kidney or bowel failure? You are the scum I want to walk on and then throw my footwear away.

11 Months Ago

So ture , Renaata. I hope he doesn\'t think a "newer model" will be any easier. What a pice of dreck.

11 Months Ago

Probably this man didn\'t want this old lady only because he feared to confuse himself with what she left "all over the place". He had already enough inside himself. He is made of it.


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