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This year, Seattle is going plastic-free for the month of September, but now the city is making a bigger and permanent change by setting to ban all plastic straws and utensils. The single-use items will be forgone and substituted by businesses with eco-friendly options by July 2018 as another phase in the fight against plastic pollution.

Strawless in Seattle, a campaign by the Lonely Whale Foundation, was joined more than 200 local businesses, all of which decided to get rid of plastic straws from their locales for the month of September 2017. The campaign was launched on September 7th and among the businesses taking part in the project are the Seahawks, Mariners, Space Needle, and Port of Seattle.

Dune Ives, the foundation’s executive director, stated that this month-long ban alone would reduce the plastic straw consumption by one million, Seattle Met Magazine reports. It is no small news then that the businesses participating in the project are now committed to making the ban permanent!

“We’re a coastal city. Protecting marine environment has been a priority for Seattle for years,” said Mayor Ed Murray during a press conference. “Being here right now, where we are on the waterfront in Puget Sound, is a strong reminder of our marine environment and the impact that we can have on it.”

Once Seattle’s ban on plastic straws and utensils is enacted, all businesses that sell food or drinks in the city will have to offer their clients recyclable or compostable options – or give the items up altogether. Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) is now reaching to businesses to help them prepare for the new ban and the switch from the single-use plastics to the environmentally friendly materials.

Currently, Americans use over 500 million plastic straws every day. It is expected that, if the trend continues, by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans. The fact that plastic straws are one of the smallest single-use items we throw away does not help the case at all, considering how many of these tiny items accumulate in the trash daily. By limiting the number of single-use plastics produced, distributed, and used, we can significantly reduce plastic pollution and help the environment, wildlife, and people.

To find out how to use less plastic in your every-day life, check out One Green Planet’s #CrushPlastic campaign!

Image source: Hans/Pixabay

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8 Months Ago

No straws, used on the North American continent anyway, will end up in any ocean, unless you literally walk-up to the ocean and toss it in. Trash (solid or liquid waste) is regulated on this continent; all of it goes into landfills. I know, not an improvement, but you are reading from an ultra-conservative person. (BTW: I\'m non-political, so the words I choose, are not based upon that cult: the cult of politics). I teach and live by the 3-R\'s.

Almost all ocean trash gets there via those who are on the high seas, and use it as their landfill (since there\'s no land to bury it in out there): Cruise ships, fishing boats, cargo ships, and so on; any floating ship with lots of people on them, and no way to dispose of their trash otherwise. And then there are countries that actually collect all their land-based trash, and rather than bury it, they take it out on huge barges and dump it in the ocean; on purpose.

Personally I use glass straws at home; the fat ones made/used for milk shakes: I got them for my nutriblasts, but that\'s the only time I even use a straw at all; out in public I just drink right from the glass. 4 decades a coffee-house (*$) fan, and I still ask for a ceramic cup for drip coffee in store. Born in the late 50\'s, I was brought up to see straws as a kid thing, like bottles and pacifiers are strictly for infants: So I stopped using straws when I was about 10, and to this day I still feel a bit odd sucking on one in public.

Ocean trash anywhere (but esp. the Great Pacific & North Atlantic garbage patches), seems to come mainly from people on these oceans; they use them as literal trash dumps. Look at U-tube videos about these garbage patches; horrifying. But to say no to plastic straws, is analogous to a commitment to reducing your pack-a-day tobacco habit by 1 cigarette a year. On the day you genuinely care about your personal health, I\'ll bet you a million that you will not smoke even one more during the rest of your life. We are what we do, and no more!

All this is not about caring for Earth or its oceans; this is about getting attention; it is yet another manifestation of the epidemic of faux caring; this is all capitalistic or for-profit. The single act of owning and/or operating a car, is itself, a brazen scream out into the universe, of ones complete indifference to the local or global environment, and it is hypocrisy for the devotees of the car-cult, to even utter any protestations of caring at all, for the environment.

But the guilt-ridden angrily seek self-justification, every waking minute, until something transformative occurs in their corporeal course to drastically alter how they live (on Earth) from that moment forward. In the meantime, everything is fodder, denial or distraction (e.g. Straw-less in Seattle). ~ A disciple of Messiah!


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