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War is hell on earth for all living beings, and those on the battle lines experience the worst nightmares imaginable. Humans are not the only soldiers on the battleground, dogs are specially-trained for military purposes as well, devoting their undying loyalty and dedication to their commanding officers. Those who are given the honor of handling these military dogs during wartime value them greatly as sources of comfort and love during a time of complete and utter turmoil, but there are two war veteran dogs in particular who are not being appreciated or treated like the heroes that they are.

Kevin and Dazz are both nine-year-old Belgian Shepherds who saved thousands of lives by sniffing out improvised explosive devices (IEDs) while deployed on several tours in Afghanistan. After retirement, they spent time with trainees, but after all their devotion and surviving the trauma of war, their nightmare is still not over as they are set to be euthanized by Army chiefs. The dogs’ handlers are adamantly demanding that the dogs be released to their care, but the chiefs are refusing to release them.

Military veteran dogs undoubtedly experience post-traumatic stress akin to that which their human partners endure, but that does not mean that they are not loving dogs who can adjust to civilian life. Military dogs are highly-trained and remarkably intelligent animals, and if in the right hands, can thrive and live a happy life. There are several incidents of veteran dogs being rescued and proving that they are still gentle souls like any other dog. Kevin and Dazz deserve respect and a chance at life away from the battlefield. If expert military handlers are offering them homes, there is no reason why they should be killed.

A petition on Care2 has been written to save Kevin and Dazz from this dreadful fate. They survived the horror of war and saved thousands of lives, but now the agency which deployed them wants them dead. We all must speak up for these beautiful dogs in hopes of saving their lives.

Kevin and Dazz are relying on you, so PLEASE take a moment to sign the petition and make your voice heard.

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Buzz Petition

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons