For the month of December, Wildlife SOS is honoring Mohan, a special elephant who, unfortunately, bore the nickname of the “world’s unluckiest elephant.” The repeated attempts to save Mohan from his abuser were repeatedly hindered in court or by mobs. It seemed like it was just not meant to be for him – and by the time the organization was finally able to get him to safety, it was already too late. The decades of suffering in captivity were too much and Mohan’s precious life was lost, but he did not leave without giving his carers who loved him so much a valuable lesson. Now, as part of honoring Mohan’s legacy, Wildlife SOS is rolling out a campaign to save a little elephant in urgent need of help: Hazel.

Hazel is very young, but she already had to endure too much. The five-year-old elephant was most likely illegally “bought” and it is probable that she will be sold again soon. She is now kept in a small room for so-called “training” and two of her legs are chained throughout the day. What is happening to this little elephant has, of course, nothing to do with training of any kind and is simply cruel. Kept in captivity, Hazel’s body weakens and, as the rescuers write, “her spirit is being broken.”


Wildlife SOS is preparing for a serious legal battle to end Hazel’s nightmare and give her back her freedom – whatever it takes.


“Saving her will be a fight,” the team writes on their Facebook page. “Hazel is probably the most vulnerable elephant we’ve seen. You’ll be hearing a lot about her in the days to come. But Mohan’s legacy means that no matter what challenges we face, no matter how long it takes, or how large the mob, or how numerous the court hearings, we will stay committed until little Hazel walks free.”

You can help the organization fight for Hazel’s freedom and change her life by donating.

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Image source: Wildlife S.O.S/Facebook