Storybook Farm, a sanctuary for disabled animals in south-east Queensland, Australia, needs our help ASAP or else all of the animals may be without a home by the end of THIS WEEK! The sanctuary opened six years ago after their founder Lisa Jane Cameron, rehabilitated a paralyzed dog named Mr. Waddles. After this, the sanctuary soon became a haven for disabled animals.

“The [vet] said it was expensive surgery or have him put down … I said no to both. We researched rehabilitation and we got him walking after three months,” said LisaMr. Waddles (on the right) is now thriving and is known as the “Papa” of the Farm.


Storybook Farm is the ONLY shelter in the country designed solely for animals with disabilities. But now, all of the animals may be without a home because developers are due to move in on the leased land by the end of this week. 

“The owner is developing the property and we now have to move very quickly,” said Lisa. The sanctuary is asking for help from their fans on social media, but there is no “plan B” if a suitable property falls through. 

Storybook Farm cares for disabled dogs, cats, and other animals that need rehabilitation. Currently, the sanctuary has a kitten that will need the smallest set of wheels ever made. 

Even the most severely disabled animals have a home at the sanctuary for life. There is a fundraising page set up for the farm where supporters can make any donation amount they wish. Click here to show your support!


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Image Source: Storybook Farms/Facebook