The Irish airline Ryaniar has pledged to go plastic-free by 2023! The decision is part of the company’s latest plans to improve its service and is a welcome addition to the wave of governments and businesses taking action to tackle plastic pollution.

“We are very pleased to announce our environmental plan which includes our commitment to eliminate all non-recyclable plastics from our operations over the next five years,” said Kenny Jacobs, Ryanair’s Chief Marketing Officer. “For customers on board, this will mean initiatives such as a switch to wooden cutlery, bio-degradable coffee cups, and the removal of plastics from our range of in-flight products. We will also introduce a scheme to allow customers to offset the carbon cost of their flight through a voluntary climate charity donation online.”


Talk about an improvement! Ryanair serves around 129 million customers every year, meaning they will be able to keep millions of tons of plastic waste out of the environment by making this move.

Over 8 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans every single year and a large portion of this waste comes from single-use plastic cups and bottles – but we tend not to think about that when we buy them. Thankfully, we don’t all have to rely on Ryanair to start reducing plastic waste to make a difference, we can take simple actions in our every day life to help!

To learn how you can make a change by minimizing your plastic use, check out One Green Planet’s #CrushPlastic campaign!

Image source: Curran Kelleher/Flickr