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Rottweiler’s were originally bred as German working dogs who were used to help farmers drive cattle. Since then, they have held a number of positions, including working with the military and police force. Because most Rotty’s weigh in at a hundred pounds and up, people assume that they must be naturally aggressive guard dogs. Sadly, as a result, big dogs, like Rottweilers, are often the last to be adopted at shelters. Labeled as a “vicious breed,” there are laws that can make owning a Rottweiler difficult in many places. However, these myths about the innate aggression of these dogs  couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Rottweiler’s, like every other breed of dog, are a product of their environment. Because of their impressive size and power, cruel people train them to seem aggressive, creating a negative public image. In reality, Rotty’s are not only loyal, but they can also be some of the biggest lap dogs ever! In this picture, Imgur user Bob Sacamano shows us just how sweet and spoiled his big baby is his grandma comes to visit … that face, though!

This is what pure love looks like.

rottweiler shows grama some love



This hilarious image is proof that judging dogs based on their breeds and size doesn’t take into account their individuality, which can be as unique as it is in the human world. Dogs are one of the few animal species that live to serve their humans. What a shame that the dogs get blamed when humans encourage and reinforce negative behavior?

Given the proper amount of love, training and attention any dog of any breed can grow up to be a sweet loving baby like this one. If you would like to open your home and heart to a large and loving dog like this one, please contact your local  animal shelter.

Image source: Imgur

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98 comments on “Large, ‘Intimidating’ Rottweiler Has the Sweetest Reaction to His Grandma (PHOTO)”

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1 Years Ago

I had a lab/rotty mix---he was the sweetest dog ever---and a pansy---if anyone broke into my house he would be the first to hide under the bed. I miss him---he was just a handsome boy.

1 Years Ago

My rottie\'s favorite past time? Lying by the fence while our neighbor\'s 2 year old daughter hand feeds him animals crackers!! Not a viscous bone in that dog\'s body!!! He doesn\'t even chase the rabbit that hope around our yard and allows the cat to sleep on his back!

sandy perry
1 Years Ago

i had an aunt who had a rotty she was sweet her name was shoton i miss i dont know what happend to her my aunt died some time ago i miss them both.

Vanessa Gribbins
1 Years Ago

I once knew the owners of a Rottie named Dominic. He was the most awesome dog I\'ve ever met. There was an aggressive, growling husky coming toward me in a park, when Dominic saw that I was in distress, he went between the dog and me, growled at the husky and the husky (thank God) turned away and left. I believe that Dominic saved me from that husky and I will always be grateful to the "parents" for having such an awesome dog! ROTTIES RULE!

A. Schmidt
1 Years Ago

All the Rottweilers I\'ve ever met were just big, lovable slobs who can\'t get enough of meeting new people. The only problem with them is that they\'re so big they\'ll knock you over when they want to be your new best friend :-)

1 Years Ago

Sweet! He is so in love with Grammy! This dog is clearly an instance of someone who took the time to raise him lovingly, respectfully, and he gives back in turn. Love this boy :)

1 Years Ago

One of our neighbors from many years ago, had one of these critters, who came home with him from Germany where he had been stationed. Buddy, I\'m happy to say, was a sweet, lovable, 100 lb puddle of love! I loved running into he and Buddy and getting me some "Buddy love", a giant pup who wanted nothing more than attention and for someone to rub his tummy! Lol :-)

1 Years Ago

I agree that pretty much any dog, if raised correctly, is sweet and loving. (same is probably true of people) What I am going to say though also applies to little cute dogs. People who are adopting or buying a pet need to realize that a dog that is sweet and loving to you, the family....isn\'t automatically sweet and loving to strangers. So socialize them when young and keep control of them so that pedestrians and neighbors don\'t have to live in fear. No one has to sell me on rotties, pit bulls, etc...I\'m sure they are fantastic...but if I\'m o the street and that fantastic dog comes running at me barking I see it as an aggressive dog.

12 Mar 2017

honestly most of a dogs aggresion comes from lack of socialization or from owners that baby their dogs leading to the dog having dominance of the household, and no rules. I have both a pit and a GSD. both dogs with aggressive reputations, The first thing my GSD learned was to climb on his bed and not to get down until i say "free". the 2nd thing i taught him, and the first thing i taught the pit was to drop whatever they are holding. after that the rest is easy as long as you dont neglect your dog, or treat it like it has to be constantly pampered and showered with affection, people who do this dont understand that they are doing it for themselves and not the dog.

1 Years Ago

I have never owned a Rotty, but I have met a few over the years. NONE of them were anything but lovable. My favorite story about Rotties was when I was working in a textile warehouse and me and our GM were working on project on a Saturday. He brought both of his Rotties, and had them locked in the front vestibule, a 5\' by 5\' space. I did not know they were there, when I arrived and opened the door to go in. As I stepped in, they both jumped up and put their paws on my shoulders. I\'m six foot tall, and am now standing face to face between the two Rotties. with absolutely no where to go. I called out to Jim, and he apologized, he he told me had to "baby sit" them, because his wife had other plans, and he didn\'t want to leave them home alone all day, since they were still "puppies". I told him, no need to apologize to me, but he should apologize to the dogs for keeping them in such a small space. I kept sneaking through the office and taking them into the warehouse with me. After he "caught" them roaming around the third time, he finally figured out how they were getting loose. When he "discussed" it with me, I told him, if he continues to keep the locked up, I will continue to keep letting them out, and all he is doing is wasting 15 minutes every time I have to rescue them. I gave them a couple of tubes we used to roll our fabrics on, and they ran around the warehouse the rest of the day. On Monday he said that Saturday night was the best night sleep they had since he got them.

Astrid Thiel
1 Years Ago

Love my Rottweilers


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