robo deer

State wildlife officials across the country have for several decades been rolling out roadside robot decoys that are controlled via a radio device. Hunters attempting to kill the deer after hunting hours or after close of the hunting season are nabbed by law enforcement officials.

Utah is the latest state to implement “robo-deer” to nab unscrupulous hunters. “It’s a time of year when some Utahns can’t resist the sight of a big buck on the side of the road – even if shooting hours are over for the day,” said Amy Canning, a spokeswoman for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.


Last year, the robo-deer was the centerpiece of an episode of Operation Wild on Planet Green, which highlighted some of the novel techniques law enforcement officials are using to protect nature’s most vulnerable animals.

Maybe robo-rhinos and robo-elephants are next?

To see the robo-deer in action, check out the clip from Operation Wild below!