Some of the wounded animals the Animal Aid Unlimited team comes across have injuries so horrific and extensive, it truly is amazing that they are able to help. With love, care, and patience, however, they continue to save life after life. This is exactly what a sweet dog named Jupiter needed after he suffered a horrible terrible injury.

The rescuers found this poor guy hiding in the home of a friendly local. Thank goodness this person had the compassion to contact Animal Aid Unlimited because Jupiter had a huge wound on the back of his neck that needed immediate treatment. The rescuers comforted the injured dog and transported him to the sanctuary to begin the long road to recovery. Jupiter’s injuries were examined, cleaned, and bandaged. Every day, for six weeks, compassionate caretakers cleaned and dressed his wounds. This sweetheart finally learned what it was like to feel safe and loved.


Seeing the difference between Jupiter six weeks ago and now is enough to fill any animal lovers heart with joy! There are countless innocent animals that need rescue and treatment just like Jupiter. Click here to make a donation to Animal Aid Unlimited India to help save more street dogs.