Thanks to the Stray Rescue of St.Louis, another dog’s chain has been broken and a sweet-faced girl named Fallon Marie is no longer a sad statistic. This little lady was found dragging a nearly 10-pound chain behind her, and she was scared, alone, and emaciated. Luckily, a woman named Donna, who works with Stray Rescue, worked her magic and helped this sweet pup start her new life.

At the rescue facility, it was discovered Fallon Marie weighs only 31 pounds. Can you even imagine how she was struggling to survive on the streets with such a massive weight around her neck? We don’t know what life was like before she was abandoned on the streets but it is heartbreaking to think that someone would think this is okay. Luckily, the stars aligned and she ended up in the best care possible. Now, she has a soft place to lay her head, fresh food and water, and more love than she could’ve ever imagined — just check out that smile on her face!


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