How to you react when your 1,700-pound horse goes missing? Recently, Cyrus, a Clydesdale horse, was nowhere to be found in his Thornbury, Pennsylvania home. Like any responsible human, Cyrus’s guardian did the right thing placed a call to the authorities. But, it was not until two-and-a-half-hours later that the missing horse was found with his legs completely submerged in the mud near his watering hole.

The Fame Fire Company No. 3 rescue crew were called and soon, volunteers arrived to free Cyrus as quickly as possible. He was sedated in order to prevent further injury and then they got to work trying to free him. A crane also arrived on the scene, but according to photographer Pete Bannan, rescuers believed that they could free Cyrus without it. The crane would have likely made rescue efforts a little easier, but we can guess that using the crane to pull Cyrus from the mud may have resulted in further injury. The rescuer’s dedication to taking the safest possible route (not the easiest) to free Cyrus is admirable.


Rescuers worked tirelessly for three-and-a-half hours to free Cyrus by using planks, boards, shovels, and elbow grease. 

Rescuers Work For Hours to Free Horse That Fell in a Deep Muddy Pit (PHOTOS)

Once free, the crane finally had a role to play: carrying the sedated, 1,700 horse to safety. 

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We are absolutely amazed that rescuers were able to keep the crane out of the picture until after Cyrus was freed. It goes to show you how hard humans are willing to work in order to rescue an animal in need. According to 6abc Action News, Cyrus is currently under “guarded” protection. Once he recovers, veterinarians will be able to fully assess this lucky horse’s health. Like another horse who was trapped in a similar situation, it’s likely that Cyrus has sustained some form of injury from his original attempts to free himself, but we wish him a speedy recovery.

To stay updated on Cyrus’s condition, check the 6abc Action News official Facebook page. To learn more about the volunteer organization that helped save Cyrus, Fame Fire Company No. 3, visit their official website.

In-text image source: Fame Fire Company/Twitter


Lead image source: Pete Bannan/Twitter