While the rescue of any animal is wonderful, it’s always so heartwarming to see displays of compassion for the most misunderstood members of the animal kingdom – whether it be an insect, snake, or bat. All living things deserve respect and compassion, and that is just what these kind gentlemen gave a snake who was caught on a glue trap.

We can’t imagine the terror the poor little snake must have felt not being able to move. It appears he was attracted to the already dead mouse who also fell victim to the glue trap. Though it was too late for the rodent, we are glad the snake was found and rescued. His rescuers worked hard at removing the sticky substance from the snake’s body, using baby oil to loosen the solvent.


Glue traps cause extreme suffering to animals, even those that they aren’t meant for – as seen in this video. Please consider more humane options of dealing with unwanted wildlife and houseguests.

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