When it comes to helping animals in need, there is nothing that a true animal lover wouldn’t do to save the day. Most of us know what to do if we spot a dog or cat in need of help, but when it comes to helping out a larger animal, that requires a whole new set of skills and determination. Luckily, there are plenty of kind professionals who always know just what to do in the time of an emergency. Just take this recent horse rescue, for example.

The skipper of the Knott End ferry in Lancashire, UK spotted what appeared to be two girls stuck on horses in the middle of Knott End Beach. The horses had gotten stuck in the mud and with the rapidly rising tide, the pair was stuck fast.


Thankfully, the skipper was able to alert the coast guard who called in the local Fleetwood Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) and the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service to lend a hand.




Once the rescue team was on the scene, one of the horses seemed to have freed himself from the mud, but in a matter of moments, sunk back down in the current. The second horse, Eddie, however, was firmly stuck and the water had begun to rise at the rate of one foot every five minutes – clearly, the situation had become incredibly dire.

Despite the rising tides, and the sheer size of the horses, the rescue team remained determined to get both out safe and sound.




“After struggling with the exhausted horse for nearly an hour and with water around the neck of the animal, he eventually got free from the mud, Clearly exhausted, he took a short time to recover before being led ashore,” an RNLI spokesman told the Horse and Hound.



It took over an hour to get both horses to shore, but the crew was successful!




Eddie’s caretaker was incredibly grateful for the heroic work of the rescue team and reports that he is doing well and fully recovered from the incident. We certainly hope this pair won’t think of taking the horses back out in the water any time soon!

All image source: Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service/Facebook