Arthur is a Chinese Crested/Chihuahua mix puppy who was removed from his mother too young and later abandoned in the streets of the UK. When he was finally found, this tiny puppy was suffering from a skin condition and had almost frozen to death. Although Chinese Crested dogs are a naturally hairless breed, RSPCA director Liz Woods says that this little fella was in particularly bad shape. “He had sores all over his body, weighed just 17 ounces, and was freezing cold. His body temperature was four degrees lower than it should’ve been.” Luckily for Arthur, the dedicated staff at the shelter treated his sores and came up with a solution to take the chill off of this petite little pup.

At just over a month old, this tiny fella was too small for any of the dog clothes on the market.

chinese crested dog in sock 7


Luckily, the staff a the Cobham RSPCA used a bit of ingenuity and created tiny sweaters for him using children’s socks.

chinese crested dog in sock

Now, at eight weeks old, Arthur, is less that five inches tall and tips the scale at a mere 17 ounces.

chinese crested dog in sock 2

But don’t let his size fool you. Now that his skin is clearing up, this tiny pooch is ready to have some  fun!

chinese crested dog in sock 4

There was a small doggie who lived in a shoe. He was so doggone cute, no one knew what to do!

chinese crested dog in sock 5

Here, Arthur sports some of his one of a kind finery. Doggie dress couture!

chinese crested dog in sock 3



Now that he is safe and warm, he is gaining weight and the recovery process is speeding right along. Soon, this adorable fella will be put up for adoption in the UK, so that he can find his forever home. If you would like to help support rescue efforts like these, contact your local animal shelter or rescue group, today!


All image source: SNWS