Due to growing up in a culture where we are taught to love certain animals but eat others, we have a tendency to not understand that the animals we eat are often no different from the ones we adopt. Take pigs, for example. When we think about pigs, sometimes the first image that pops into our minds is that of a big, mud-bound, and sluggish pink creature. But that just isn’t true — pigs are actually super-smart. Studies have shown that not only are pigs smarter than dogs, they’re smarter than some primates and even human toddlers. They can solve simple puzzles, learn tricks like dogs, and even use mirrors to find food. Just like our pups, they can recognize their favorite human and animal friends. And even though they like mud, pigs are actually very clean animals — but they have no sweat glands, so they use mud in order to keep cool. In the words of Charlotte the spider, all pigs are “terrific” and “radiant.” In fact, in the photo below, posted by Sugarshine Farm Sanctuary in Australia, you can practically see the happiness radiating from Dreamy, the rescued piglet who has chosen Wally the dog as her napping partner.

This doesn’t even look like a comfortable way to sleep. But we reckon that these two are such great friends, none of that even matters.

Rescued Piglet and Dog Napping Together is the Ideal Portrait of Happiness




According to the sanctuary, these two didn’t always get along due to Dreamy’s habit of nibbling on Wally’s tail. It looks to us like they’ve put their past behind them and opened a new chapter in their lives as besties. We don’t know much about where Dreamy came from, but because she’s living at the sanctuary, it is likely that this little piglet was rescued from the meat industry. We’re so glad that she was rescued, especially since it means that she’s made a fantastic friend like Wally the dog.

To learn more about Sugarshine Farm Sanctuary, visit their official website.

Image source: Sugarshine Farm Sanctuary/Facebook