We aren’t sure if you’re ready for all the cuteness this video has to offer. Pam Ahern, the founder of Edgar’s Mission, took three adorable lambs outside for some fresh air, and they literally jumped for joy! And the sweaters … it’s all too much, and we love it! Seeing this happy trio is a reminder that all farm animals deserve the same chance to be happy, healthy, and loved.

Factory-farmed animals all over the world, no different from these sweet lambs, endure lives of misery, cruelty, and inhumane conditions. They are the “forgotten” animals who for some reason are not given the same treatment afforded to cats or dogs. However, the truth is these animals suffer and experience pain the same way.


In the words of Peter Singer, “All animals have the ability to suffer in the same way and to the same degree that humans do. They feel pain, pleasure, fear, frustration, loneliness, and motherly love. Whenever we consider doing something that would interfere with their needs, we are morally obligated to take them into account.”

Edgar’s Mission provides life-long care to hundreds of farm animals at any given moment. They strive to create a humane and just world for animals and humans alike through education, advocacy, and empowerment. As they say, “If we could live happy, healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn’t we?”

To learn more about the amazing work Edgar’s Mission provides for farm animals, click here.