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These doggie pals are having a blast. Who doesn’t love hanging out with their buds?  Unfortunately, the dogs in this video, Copper and Emma‘s lives weren’t always so carefree. Both survived horrific pasts as laboratory test subjects before being released for adoption thanks to the help of Beagle Freedom Project.

Many people are unaware that in the U.S., hundreds of thousands of animals like cats and dogs are used to test pesticides, chemicals or pharmaceuticals each year.  Beagles are the breed of choice for testing due to their docile nature. In labs, they undergo extreme pain and poisoned with experimental substances via force-feeding, injection, or skin application, in order to measure toxicity.

As you might imagine, very few beagles actually make it out of testing alive. And for the lucky few who do, they are in need of a loving forever home!

Because of the hardworking folks at the Beagle Freedom Project, dogs like Copper and Emma will never enter a cruel laboratory again. This nonprofit group is working to enact state laws to ensure dogs used in taxpayer-funded research facilities are given to nonprofit rescue organizations rather than being killed. The sheer joy of freedom shown by Cooper and Emma is just further confirmation that the work this group does is truly life-changing.

To learn more about this incredible organization, visit their website and consider making a donation. Make sure to share this article and spread the word about cruel animal testing!

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4 comments on “Rescued Lab Beagles Are so Happy to be Free They Can’t Contain Their Excitement (VIDEO)”

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Ted C
10 Months Ago

Wow, that video didn\'t match the headline.

10 Months Ago

The smaller one still looks worried =( I hope they find their extreme joy again.

15 Aug 2017

You\'re right, Nickey, the Beagle\'s body positions and reactions show he is uncomfortable with the bigger dog. It takes time for an animal that has been raised in a cage and used as a lab experiment to understand their new found freedom and lifestyle. I adopted a Beagle puppy fifty years ago from a medical center in Boston. These dogs were raised for experimental purposes and excess puppies were sold. My puppy, Midget, never knew the horror of being a lab dog and, lived out her fourteen years as a loved member of our family. It\'s unfortunate this these experiments continue on living animals, but it\'s wonderful that these dogs are getting the chance to know freedom and love.

h smith
10 Months Ago

Heart breaking..not sure who could work at these evil labs that do this. My heart hurts for the dogs still in these labs undergoing horrific torture....unbelievable. Thank God some get the chance to live their lives...bless the beagle project and all the others who rescue these dogs whose only crime is being born. Use the prisoners for experiments...they took a life---they can forfeit theirs.

Ted C
14 Aug 2017

Enough with the word "heartbreaking". It\'s so overused.

Kiki Milej
2 Years Ago

Thank you for the rescue. It will take time to readjust to their new free lives.

Stephanie Rossi
2 Years Ago

Awww so awesome!!! I'm so happy they are finally free from all that unnecessary torture and testing.

Diane Patrick
2 Years Ago

? Where are the excited beagles?

Toni Snow Williams
19 Mar 2016

I agree! That Beagle looks like he's trying to get the attention of whomever is video taping to stop being harassed by the other dog.

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