I must stay, we animals are pretty tough. No matter what life throws in our way, we always find a way to pick ourselves up and learn to smile again. We know how fun and awesome the world is and even in the worst of circumstances, we know how to see the silver lining and appreciate the little things in life.

I’ve seen lots of animals who have been through some really sad things, either because they got in an accident or humans were mean to them, but even no matter what, when they finally get the chance to live happy, healthy lives – they don’t dwell on their past, but rather spend every day making the best of every single situation.


Just take Mosha the elephant for example. She accidentally stepped on a landmine when she was a baby and lost her front leg. Most people think that elephants can’t live on only three legs because they’re so heavy, elephants with three legs are in some way “broken.” But the kind people who rescued Mosha knew that this brave girl wanted to live and joy her life, so they helped her … and look at her now!



She might not be like other elephants in her appearance, but in her spirit and zest for life, she’s no different at all! Anything is possible if you’ve got the right attitude. So next time you think all the odds are stacked against you and you’ll never overcome what you’re facing, take a page from us animals and remember, the world is a pretty amazing place if you let it be!

All image source: FAEmosha/Facebook