After rescuing Bua Keaw the elderly elephant from the trekking industry earlier this month, Save Elephant Foundation just set another magical rescue into motion. Sai Thong is the latest addition to the foundation’s family of elephants saved from hard labor – and she is now finally beginning to live a peaceful and happy life.

Sai Thong is an elderly elephant who desperately needed rest after her years of labor.

Before rescue, Sai Thong was used for elephant riding. She tirelessly carried tourists on her back every day of her life.

Now, she has joined the foundation’s Elephant Care Program, as part of its “Saddle Off” project.

Sai Thong’s new life is nothing like it used to be. She finally has a home adequate to her needs, she can enjoy her free time, explore, and make friends with other elephants – which she has already started to do!




The life of an elephant used in the trekking industry is one no animal should have to endure. Elephants used for rides are subjected to a “breaking” process when they are young, they work exhausting hours, endure bad living conditions, lack contact with other individuals, and are often deprived of food and water while working.

Luckily, Sai Thong can leave this sad reality behind and she is now fully enjoying her life.

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All image source: Save Elephant Foundation/Facebook