When you think of the term “opposites attract,” we are pretty sure a cow and a duck is not the pair that comes to mind! However, Hof Butenland farm sanctuary has documented the blossoming romance between their two adorable residents.

According to the video caption, ever since the charming duck, Amanda, laid eyes on the four-year-old, Lillja the cow, she has been smitten. Hopefully, Amanda learns to give Lillja a little space and Lillja learns to give the small but mighty duck a chance to win her over.


As you can see, farm animals are not much different from your pets at home. They are affectionate, intelligent, and social animals – they also have their own preferences, dislikes, and personalities! Why love one and eat the other?

Hof Butenland provides rescue and life-long refuge for farm animals that have been saved from slaughter, neglect, exploitation, and abuse. The compassionate team at Hof Butenland works every day to nurture a new respect and way of thinking towards farmed animals.

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