No matter how many times we see stories about people abusing animals, we never cease to be amazed or absolutely shocked by the sick depths that some people will go to in order to cause an animal pain. We’ve seen people starve and discard puppies, keep hundreds of farm animals in horrific conditions, and much, much more. But no matter how extreme the abuse is and how much each one of these stories chips a little bit away from our respect for humanity, most times, there is an incredible person or group who is able to step in and make things right again. With this in mind, it is important for each one of us, as animal lovers and advocates, to remember that we all have the amazing ability to make the world a better place for animals – no matter how much others try to make this not the case. Just take the story of Tuttle the snapping turtle, for example.

Tuttle was discovered wandering through the front lawn of Paul and Diane Tuttle with a massive screwdriver sticking out of her shell. Upon closer inspection, the couple saw that the screwdriver had broken the shell and caused a major injury in the turtle’s head. They immediately rushed the struggling animal to All Pets Vet Clinic in Peoria, Illinois for treatment.





At the vet, it was revealed that Tuttle was blind, had a fractured skull and numerous internal injuries from the force. It was going to be a long road to recovery for this little turtle but she seemed incredibly grateful, never snapping at her rescuers but acting very cooperatively.

Little Tuttle would need round the clock care, so Douglas Holmes, a herpetologist for the Peoria Zoo stepped in and volunteered to care for her at his home until she was ready for release.




After nine months of intensive care, Tuttle was finally ready to head back to the wild. Holmes took Tuttle to a local marsh and finally let her paddle back to the natural habitat where she belonged. Despite suffering horrific abuse at the hands of humans and months of painful recovery, Tuttle remained resilient – and look at how content she looks to be back!





If it weren’t for the quick action of the Tuttles and the effort of the vet team and Douglas Holmes, this turtle would have never been given a fighting chance. Horrible humans might have put her in this situation, but a few amazing ones made it all right again.

If you ever come across a wild animal in need of help, follow the Tuttle’s lead and contact a professional before taking action. Click here for a list of some that can help.

All image source: Douglas Holmes/Facebook