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Based on how humans treat the world around them, it would be pretty fair to assume, say if an alien landed on stopped to observe for a minute, that we believe the planet was created to cater to our needs and interests. We think about the future in terms of our own, we pay little mind to the amount of trash we produce or what sort of nasty chemicals and compounds our industrial processes release into the environment. We often don’t stop to contemplate how this trail of destruction impacts other humans, let alone how it could be affecting animals. But the reality is that every single one of our daily actions has an impact on some other living being, whether we realize it or not. Because we aren’t always face-to-face with the animals downstream, it is easy to ignore the ramifications for them.

It seems there isn’t a day that goes by where we don’t hear a story about a seal lion who got trapped in a stray fishing net or a bird that was killed after ingesting plastic trash. While there are tons and tons of negative stories out there proving that humans are anything but concerned about the impact of their actions, there are also a few that cause us to stop, pause, and smile.

Just take this sweet, simple story from Imgur user DontSugarcoatit for example. This kind person writes, “Saved a bee from drowning yesterday, let her (?) dry off before giving her some sugar water. Then she flew off on her merry way. I like bees a lot!”





In protecting this little bee, this person not only did something incredibly kind for another living creature but also did something great for the whole of humanity. Bees are vital pollinators who are responsible for making the majority of the food we eat every day possible. Sadly, the bee population is in rapid decline largely because of neonicotinoid pesticides. These pesticides are commonly used in the agriculture industry to ensure “high yields.” These chemicals are effective in controlling pests because they attack the nervous system, either killing or gravely disabling insects. In the case of bees, however, these pesticides can also cause Colony Collapse Disorder. Without bees, these crops we’re protecting will never bloom, so in many ways, our efforts to safeguard food production is undercutting it in the longrun.

We might not all get the chance to save a bee like this Imgur user did, but we can all help the bee population in a big way with our food choices. By choosing more organic produce, we can help minimize the amount of pesticides used in the food industry. If more people demand fruits and vegetables grown without these harmful compounds, organic can slowly become the norm. Further, you can help by raising awareness for neonicotinoid pesticides and share this article. These chemicals can be found in many lawn care products, so always be sure to check before spraying on your lawn or household plants.

The tiny bee proves that every life matters in the grand scheme of things. Humans might be good at ignoring the impact that our actions have on the world around us, but we also need to wake up to the fact that the world around us has a huge impact on our own life and survival. We cannot exist without bees – sadly, the same probably can’t be said in the reverse.

So, take a page from this kind individual and take a stand for bees and all the other little lives that are so vitally important to the world.


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19 comments on “This Precious Rescue of a Tiny Bee Proves Why Every Little Life Matters”

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Kate Featherston
9 Months Ago

Jenny Featherston

Cindy M. McCoy
9 Months Ago

I always save insects I see floating in a pool. One time I actually saved a seagull that was tangled up in fishing lines that the condo place had over their pool to discourage the birds. He was in the pool all tangled up. I yelled to a guy to cut the line as I held the seagull. He pecked at my hand pretty good but didn't break the skin. His wing was drooping and I thought it might be broken but thankfully after a few minutes he flew away.

Vivienne Saunders
9 Months Ago

Sinéad Cowley

Little Llama
9 Months Ago

I've also saved quite a few bees, and ants and really anything in need of saving.

Viv Kemp
9 Months Ago

Catriona Kemp xx

Deanna Hendricks
9 Months Ago

They are very important no ill will....more than humans or meaning we need them

Myriam Brulotte
9 Months Ago

I am glad to see I am not the only nut who saves bees and other little critters !

Cyndi Dovell
9 Months Ago

Everything is interconnected and are vital to life . It’s well past time we stop destroying the plant

Tracy Neven
9 Months Ago

I mix manuka honey with water. Saved a few with this

Diana Young
9 Months Ago

Good to know that other people also save bees!


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