When a dog in India found his way into a well, things looked bleak — the poor little thing was struggling to stay above water. Luckily, someone called the Animal Aid Unlimited rescue team to alert them that this panicked pup was in danger of drowning and desperately needed help. The team quickly showed up on the scene and sent a compassionate rescuer down into the well to save the dog’s life.

The pup paddled over to the rescuer and was gently lifted into his arms. Then, the rest of the crew pulled the rescuer and the dog back to solid ground. The brave boy was visibly relieved as a crew member toweled him off and made sure he was not injured.


As the leading street animal rescue center in India, Animal Aid Unlimited is dedicated to saving the lives of street animals like this distressed dog. Each year, the organization’s hospital and sanctuary provide care and a home for more than 4,500 rescued and recuperating animals.

If you’d like to support the life-saving rescue work of the Animal Aid Unlimited team, you can donate to their organization here. With your generous contribution, you will make sure that the street animals of India are not forgotten and that they get the assistance they need and deserve!