Zoey and Jasper are becoming quite the popular duo as adorable pictures of the two wearing matching outfits recently went viral.

Grace Chon, a professional photographer based in Los Angeles, started snapping pictures of her seven-year-old rescue dog, Zoey, and her 10-month-old baby, Jasper, together after she realized just how cute Zoey looked in her baby’s outfits.


Chon took her first picture in the photo series back in January and hasn’t stopped since. And by the looks of these two latest photos on Chon’s Tumblr, these two are definitely not camera-shy:


Zoey seems to love playing dress-up.

“She will dance around when the clothes come out, and she’ll go running over to her little spot as soon as I have my camera,” said Chon.


Out of this adorable photo series, people are able to have a better understanding of Zoey and other rescue dogs.

“Most people don’t understand [Zoey] because she’s very afraid and she barks,” said Chon. “And I feel like finally now they’re getting to see what a beautiful, amazing soul she has through these pictures.”


Stray and abandoned dogs have it tough enough. They strive to survive on their own and make it through living on harsh streets. But, even when they are rescued, they face an uncertain future as some 5,500 shelter dogs are euthanized everyday in the U.S.

Many rescue dogs, especially black ones like Zoey, are one of the last types of dogs to be adopted into a forever home.


It’s called “Black Dog Syndrome,” and many sweet and lovable black dogs are looked over by their lighter counterparts when potential adopters come by shelters.


Luckily, for Zoey, she found herself a loving family to live out her life in peace, comfort, and lots of modeling!


Because of the viral photo series, Chon has been able to connect with Zoey’s foster mom! She was able to learn of Zoey’s life as a baby and her bond for the dog grew even stronger.


It turns out, Zoey, along with her siblings, were found washed alongside a gutter in Taiwan. A student rescued the litter before the girl contacted Animal Rescue Team. Joy, a volunteer at Animal Rescue Team, reached out and was able to find homes for all of Zoey’s siblings except for Zoey – who was the weakest of them all.


Thus, Joy immediately fell in love with the little puppy and decided to foster her. She never knew what happened to Zoey until she discovered Chon’s viral blog.


“Thanks to all of you who’ve shared these images around the world, something truly amazing has happened,” said Chon. “I have cried so many tears of gratitude in the last 24 hours because I connected with Joy. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


Lead image source: Chon/Tumblr