Abandoned cats and dogs are rescued all the time, but what happens when a big endangered wild cat needs rescuing? Big Cat Rescue Sanctuary of Tampa, Fla.,  specializes in helping large cat breeds in the wild and captivity when they’re in trouble. The rescue is the largest accredited sanctuary in the world for big cats and serves as a home to over 100 of them from bobcats and lions to tigers and cougars.

Recently, Big Cat Rescue released a video of their rescue of a bobcat they named Fencer. This wild bobcat was caught in fence and discovered by a man in his backyard. The owner did the correct thing by not approaching the animal but calling authorities, first animal control and then Big Cat Rescue. The video clearly illustrates the delicate and extensive measures Big Cat Rescue takes in approaching wild cats like Fencer.


After tranquilizing and freeing Fencer, Big Cat Rescue provided additional care to him by completing a full health inspection. Fortunately, Fencer only broke one bone in his paw and spent a total of six weeks at the Big Cat Rescue sanctuary. Every step of the way, from Fencer’s rescue to treatment and finally release back into his habitat, Big Cat Rescue focused on keeping his stress levels down as well as healing him.

Big Cat Rescue may be one of the few large wild cat sanctuaries in the world but it’s definitely not the only animal sanctuary out there. Check out other amazing groups in these posts: