Chester County SPCA

The photo below of pit bull-mix brothers Jeffrey and Jermaine recently went viral, garnering 35,052 likes and 77,198 shares on Philadelphia’s Chester County SPCA Facebook page.

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The photograph illustrates the remarkable bond these two brothers share. According to the SPCA via NBC 10, Jermaine has taken on the role of guide dog for his blind brother Jeffrey, showing him the ropes and helping him move around with ease.


The inseparable eight-month-old pups were discovered together on the streets of Philadelphia on Oct. 5 and were taken in by no-kill rescue, Operation Ava.

“They were obviously a little bit scared and confused,” Ray Little, the director of Life Saving at Operation Ava told NBC 10. “It was immediately apparent that Jeffrey was leaning on Jermaine and that Jermaine was making every effort to stay with his brother.”

“I think this is a little bit extraordinary in my experience because they’re so careful with one another and play together so well. It almost seems like Jermaine understands that Jeffrey has an issue seeing,” said Little.

Despite the wealth of positive responses to the SPCA’s photo post of Jeffrey and Jermaine, the dogs are still up for adoption. They will need an extra special home with a guardian(s) willing to help Jeffrey as kindly as Jermaine has.

For anyone interested in adopting this dedicated pair, please call Operation Ava at (215)-240-1240, or come in to visit the center at N. 3rd Street in Philadelphia, and be sure to check out Operation Ava’s operations requirements right here.

Find out more about Jeffrey and Jermaine on Operation Ava’s FAQ page here.

Image source: Chester County SPCA