Rescue Dogs Rock NYC is doing everything to save a puppy who was found wrapped in a sheet and abandoned by a creek. The puppy, now named Hudson, was spotted by a passerby who was concerned about the unusual sight of something covered in white fabric on the ground. Fortunately, the person saw the dog’s head sticking out and stepped in to help the abandoned puppy.

The kind person who found Hudson immediately reached out to the rescue team. The puppy quickly became the night’s “911” and was rushed to the nearest 24/7 ER vet.


He was lethargic, visibly in very poor shape, and kept vomiting water. At the vet, Hudson was given urgent life-saving care.



Hudson remains at the vet where the team is working to save his life. The rescue is now raising money for his medical bills so that the team can do everything possible to give Hudson the life he deserves.

This poor pup has probably barely had the chance to experience the world and was likely terrified to be left in such a state by the side of a creek. Sadly, cases like this happen all the time after irresponsible pet caretakers decide they no longer wish to take care of the animals they promised they would. Pets are a full-time responsibility and you should never consider adopting an animal if you are not mentally, physically, or financially prepared to do so.


Little Hudson was fortunate to have been found, but so many others never are. Thanks to the efforts of rescue organizations like Rescue Dogs Rock, these abandoned little ones are getting the chance to have a happy life and the care they deserve – but it is up to all of us to do our part too. Please share this post and educate everyone you know about the true cost of pet guardianship.

You can help Hudson by donating to his medical care via the rescue’s Facebook page or PayPal to [email protected]

All image source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC/Facebook