Sometimes we hear stories that leave us wondering about the future of the human race for the sheer stupidity of people. Today is no different! Here is a story with a cautionary tale that we hope nobody really needs to be told, though evidence would show otherwise from what we are about to tell you!

A poor little pup was brought into the Sabine Humane Society Animal Shelter in a terrible state. When this little girl was looked over, the volunteers realized her collar was very tight. On further examination, they discovered that the buckle and collar were embedded in her neck, which means it must have been left that way on her for a while! Can you imagine how this little girl must have suffered, and the pain she must have been in, let alone how terrified she was for that shortness of breath she must have constantly felt for having her neck squeezed so tight?



Thankfully, after a trip to the vet, the collar has been safely removed and this sweet little girl’s neck stitched up. But despite what an ordeal she has been through, this pup keeps wagging her tail and greeting everyone she sees. She is going to make someone an amazing addition to their family, and so deserves a forever loving home.

This pup has now been named Freedom, and though she is on medication now, she will soon be ready for adoption. Good luck little Freedom, we can’t wait to hear about the new family who is going to adopt you!

So, it goes without saying, we hope, that if you’re putting a collar on a puppy, that puppy is going to grow! The collar needs to be checked regularly; imagine attempting to force a toddler into the same pair of shoes when their feet are too big for them! This is the same principle. Young animals, like children, will grow rapidly, and you need to check their collars if you want them to wear one. Otherwise, they too might be almost strangled by them like poor Freedom!


Pet guardians need to be responsible for the wellbeing of those animals in their care. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard a story of a poor dog being collared too tightly, and we fear it won’t be the last. If you have a dog, please, take a couple of minutes now to ensure they have adequate room in their collar. Otherwise, it might be time to go shopping!

The Sabine Humane Society Animal Shelter works hard to save, rehome, and protect the animals brought into their care. To adopt a beautiful pup like Freedom or donate towards the vital work the shelter does, please visit their Facebook page.

Image Source: Sabine Humane Society Animal Shelter