A Pit Bull-Lab mix named Bindi was recently found with her paws frozen to the ground in a Brooklyn park. Abandoned by her owner, Bindi was left tied to a tree overnight. Given the frigid temperatures, it’s a miracle she survived! Luckily, a woman named Jennifer found Bindi and took her to the Sean Casey Animal Rescue. The poor pup arrived in terrible condition, vomiting blood and rubber.

After a diagnosis at Pet Haven Animal Hospital, she received 24-hour emergency care. 

Pup found with frozen paws in Brooklyn Park rescued

Although things looked grave at first, Bindi’s condition improved thanks to love and attention from caring staff of the Veterinary Emergency And Referral Group (VERG).

Bindi update!!! She looks great and is feeling much better. Her blood work is improving and we hope she will be able to leave the hospital soon. The staff at VERG have been incredible and we are so thankful for all the work they have done and will continue to do for Bindi.

Soon Bindi was doing much better and was approved for release from the hospital. She still has a long road to recovery and needs to be monitored closely due to high kidney values and a stomach ulcer. She is now in the able hands of Sean Casey Animal Rescue where she will recover and hopefully find a forever home!

Pup found with frozen paws in Brooklyn Park rescued


It’s so amazing that Bindi is on her way to a full recovery, and the days with her cruel human are behind her; we know she’ll find a loving home in no time. Sadly, thousands of dogs are subjected to neglect and abandonment just like Bindi was. The good news is, we can all help dogs in need by choosing to adopt, don’t shop for a new furry BFF. If you ever come across an animal in need, try these animal rescue hotlines for help.

All image source: Sean Casey Animal Rescue