When you choose to bring an animal into your home, you are responsible for that pet, no matter what happens to them or how difficult caring for them gets. Rescue Dogs Rock is sharing a story of a puppy who has not been given the care that he so desperately needed for his start in life, and was left to suffer unnecessarily.

Ollie is a young puppy who, because his mange has gone untreated, has turned completely red through neglect. This poor little boy who has been sitting cramped in a shelter cage is a loving, joyful, playful puppy who should be in a loving, caring home growing up with a family that takes the time to show him the ropes of being a dog.


Instead, Ollie is stuck in this tiny cage awaiting treatment after being abandoned by his thoughtless owners, in desperate need of help. In the video below, you can see him playing with the kind person who has come to check on him and even tries to make a game of the scrap of paper in his cage. His tail never stops wagging despite how sore he must be in this condition. It breaks our hearts to see any animal left to get like this.


The most frustrating part of Ollie’s story is that mange is an easily treatable condition. When caught early, it doesn’t get to this awful stage that Ollie is at, where the skin is swollen, bleeding, and so sore. What has happened to Ollie here is simply animal neglect, there is nothing else you can call it, and excuse nor reason for him to have been left to get into this state.

It is irresponsible to leave an animal who is evidently unwell to deteriorate. Pets are part of our families and we would not, hopefully, treat our family members as poor Ollie has been treated. His owners should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. And unfortunately, this kind of neglect is something we continue to hear about on an almost daily basis. We have to keep working to ensure that dogs like Ollie don’t go unnoticed, and do all we can to prevent it happening elsewhere.


Rescue Dogs Rock relies on the generous donations of the public and their tireless volunteers in their efforts to help save neglected and abused animals like Ollie, as well as keeping at-risk dogs from kill shelters, and provide vetting so that dogs can go on to loving homes. If you are able to donate towards Ollie’s care or are interested in adopting or finding out more about Rescue Dogs Rock, please get in touch.

Image source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC