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Animal cruelty is a serious crime linked to other violent crimes. Studies have proven that an animal abuser is five times more likely to commit violent crimes against humans, including child abuse and domestic violence. In fact, in homes monitored for child abuse cases, 88 percent also had animal abuse present, and 83 percent of victims entering domestic violence shelters reported their partners having abused their animals also. It is for these serious reasons that several states have been making their animal cruelty laws stricter with harsher penalties.

There is never an acceptable reason for animal abuse, but some cases are even more shocking than others. In the small town of Kewanee, Illinois, a 17-year-old male confessed to brutally slicing the flesh on the neck and back of a tiny eight-week-old puppy. We warn you, the following images may be graphic for some viewers.

The sweet puppy who rescuers named Thor was found severely injured with deep lacerations on his neck and back.  The veterinarian taking care of Thor estimated his injuries to be between 12-24 hours old, and maggots had already infested the open wounds.


Thor is living up to his name and persevering with strength and courage. He is expected to make a full recovery, but he will not be available for adoption for at least several weeks.



petition has been set up to demand justice for Thor. Although the culprit confessed and has been charged with aggravated animal cruelty, he is being charged as a juvenile instead of as an adult. The petition’s author argues that if someone is capable of planning and executing such a senseless violent crime, that they are a danger to society and should be charged as an adult. If you agree this animal abuser should be charged as an adult, please take a moment to sign the petition.

And please share this with your friends and family to gain more support for baby Thor!

All Image Source: Henry County Humane Society, Kewanee, IL/Facebook

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0 comments on “Demand Justice for Puppy Whose Neck and Back Were Sliced Open by Violent Teen!”

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Len Welsh
10 Months Ago

He is still a kid, and can learn. There is an opportunity to make him understand what he did. Don\'t squander it.

Barb Smith
10 Months Ago

I would love to kill him.

10 Months Ago


10 Months Ago

He is not a kid he is 17 years old. Old enough to serve his country old enough to make babies old enough to be a jerk ass idiot cause if he will hurt a puppy he will hurt a person, child or who knows what else. He is 17 and he don\'t have the brains he was born with so he will never do anything good for any one so the best place for him is a 6x6 prison cell for a few years and let him think about what he did. This should not be taken lightly with him this a major crime he has done. This could have been a child he cut up so let the sentence fit the crime. He should spend time for this not a slap on the hand and say it\'s ok.. PRISON TIME IS WHAT HE NEEDS.

29 Jul 2017

I agree with you Jacquie. This 17 year-old useless air breather from Kewanee, Illinois, SHOULD BE NAMED. This is a child abuser in the making. This story will follow him the rest of his life. It will still be accessible on social media in 50 years. I bet his family is not so proud of him now.

10 Months Ago

He is old enough to know what he did is wrong and I feel he should be tried as an adult. You can\'t tell me that he didn\'t know any better cause if I had my way about him I would take his little happy ass and do the same thing to him but the only thing is the puppy is helpless and he isn\'t. My opinion about this ass is he need to be taught a lesson and a good time spent in jail or maybe prison would do him some good cause it might teach him that abuse is a bad crime and we put people in prison for it. This is where he belongs is in a 6x6 prison cell for about 8 to 10 years maybe he would wake up then but maybe not He is pretty damn stupid if you ask me. HE IS A TOTAL STUPID ASS IDIOT. AND I HOPE HE ROTS IN PRISON.

10 Months Ago

This is only the beginning for this young person, it is not going to get any better. The crimes will continue to grow until he takes someone\'s life. Is this young person a Jeff Domer, or son of Sam. He needs placement into a mental facility, and have intensive evaluations by more than one psychiatrist. By then he should be tried as an adult. Lets face it this person is very very sick person and a danger to society. This young person may never be deemed safe to be around people. A puppy is unable to defend it self the next victim could be a baby or a very small child who can not defend it self.

Lee St. Cloud
10 Months Ago

Charge this would-be killer as an adult. Needs to be punished and treated for mental illness. Normal people don\'t torture animals.

Diana Heeman
10 Months Ago

It is probably only a matter of time before he does it again, either to a defenseless animal or a human. He should be charges as adult.

L Sopko
28 Jul 2017

Charge as an Adult.

Carolyn Vick
10 Months Ago

Charge as an adult. Next he will be slicing open a baby human in a fit of rage.

Donald Perkey
10 Months Ago

Yes! This individual should be tried as an adult. Even a very young child knows that is wrong. This person knew at the time what he/she was doing to a totally innocent creature was wrong.....very wrong. Punishment should be the maximum allowable by law.


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