Meet Buttercup, the sweetest pup who is guaranteed to steal your heart. Buttercup, along with her sister Polly, were dumped at a Texas shelter in such poor states of neglect that Polly became septic and didn’t survive. Buttercup was in the same critical condition and her caretakers feared she would face the same fate. Buttercup was cared for by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC‘s Texas Vet Partner, who did all that they could for her.

She needed blood transfusions and around-the-clock care just to stand a chance.

The emergency bill for her initial care topped $3000, and you can see why.


Those sores on her face must have been excruciating for poor Buttercup. The cone around her neck was to prevent her scratching, but the poor pup doesn’t look like she has the energy to even move!

Buttercup’s poor skin was raw in places over both her stomach and feet from an awful case of mange.

Who could do such terrible things to such a beautiful dog?

Thankfully, Buttercup’s recovery went well, and she has undergone an amazing transformation. She might look a little patchy in this picture, but she is still a beautiful girl!

Here she is with her fur growing back in.

And here she is again looking like the picture of health! Buttercup is a fifteen-pound, four-month-old collie mix who is now looking for her forever home with somebody loving.


Sweet dreams, Buttercup! We hope you wake up in your new forever home soon!




Abandoned puppies are too-familiar stories. Organizations like Rescue Dogs Rock have their work cut out trying to care for all the dogs brought into their care. It doesn’t matter if a puppy has a smooshed face or a bad case of mange; puppies are not brought into this world to be abandoned or neglected like Buttercup has been! Whoever is responsible for the awful state she was abandoned in deserves to be severely punished for animal cruelty.

If you love the work Rescue Dogs Rock does and want to do your bit to help other dogs like Buttercup, please consider making a donation.

Image Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC